Emily Salsbury-Deveaux


Rebecca Scammell

The brand was launched in February 2018 by Award Winning Retail & Real Estate Strategist Emily Salsbury-Deveaux. Working for the University of Alberta as the Executive Director of the School of Retailing she knew that the next few years was critical if she wanted to launch a new brand into the market. 

Knowing that she had the support of so many industry leaders, she gave the University 8 months notice and launched the brand while still in her last 6 months with the School of Retailing. 

The brand has seen tremendous success moving into its first Head Office after only 9 months. The head office has a showroom, shipping/fulfillment, offices, meeting space, and more.

Although the company has seen such growth, Rebecca and Emily have not yet hired any additional permanent staff. 

In January 2019, Rebecca was made partner and in June 2019 the pair announced their new temporary concept store opening in Calgary in August 2019. 

"I have been training for the big game for 20 years.....this is the big game." says Emily. 

She credits her knowledge to all of the incredible consulting projects she worked on over the course of the last 20 years and all the amazing people who took a chance on her.