Customer Retention and Satisfaction

In the current retail economy, we know it is more important than ever for brands to work together to share best practices. I have been fortunate to have spent over 20 years in the retail & real estate community and put everything I knew about product, service, loyalty, and growth into our brand.

More than ever, it is important establish brand loyalty. It is often sacrificed for volume and of course there are players in both games. Fashion Nova would be a volume player whereas we are focused on loyalty. We are often impressed with how many orders our customers make with us and we want to talk more about our strategy of achieving this. We hope this will help others focus on constantly creating products and value for current customers instead of always chasing new ones.


In our company, our first priority is our product. We know that if we can create products that are good quality and fit well it will have two separate effects on our business:

1. They will be complimented by others (we hear this constantly)

2. They will feel good and spread the word

Customer Service

We take service very seriously. Our customers are our best asset. They help us reach more likeminded customers and as a result have helped us to build a more loyal following. We make sure we are quick and available when they have questions, and we have an amazing return policy.


We have always understood the importance of data capture in retail. We need to be able to understand where and what our customers are buying. Capturing their information in accounts was imperative right from the beginning. We believe there has to be a really great incentive to join a loyalty program. We like ours because we can program point earning values for dollars spent. Those points can be redeemed for product. It was also important that they added up quickly. We are a company that doesn't participate in sales therefore discounts are attractive in the form of loyalty.

1. Points Program 5pts for every $1 spent

2. Referral Code Program (They can have a custom code created with their name which provides them $10 off if a friend uses the code. That friend received 10% off)

Take care of your customers. It often can take more time and requires systems in place to manage but it is worth it!

We have the greatest customers and we are thankful for them everyday.


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